What you need to know about our new plan rates 

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our new plan pricing structure that goes into effect on January 1, 2018. We encourage you to contact your Guest Experience Manager to fill you in on all of the details personally.

Why is Getaway2Give changing the current plan system? The current plan treats the value of every night at every residence exactly the same, when of course they differ. For instance…  

- The 3-bedroom in San Francisco is clearly more valuable than the 2-bedroom - The 4-bedroom in Punta Mita is more valuable than the 2-bedroom in Belize - A ski night in our mountain destinations is more valuable than a summer night - New York City is more expensive than Montreal and New Orleans  

Our new plan reflects differences in overall desirability, seasonality and local market conditions of all the residences in our collection. And under the new plan, we are able to bring a broader range of higher-end and less expensive properties into our portfolio. It’s a win-win for our members and our residence partners. It also positions Getaway2Give on a sound path toward expansion as an organization.

Nightly rate plans. Members can purchase a $7,000 plan that puts $7000 credit into their account that can be used to purchase nights at the tiered rates. For example, a member can use 10 nights at the Gold tier or 20 nights at the Bronze tier.  

Members can also purchase a $12,000 plan that puts a $14,000 credit into their account that can be used to purchase nights at the tiered rates. That's right, you get $2,000 of extra credit for buying the larger plan. For example, a member can use 20 nights at the Gold tier or 40 nights at the Bronze tier.  

How does the new plan benefit the membership? The tiered pricing allows us to continue to offer more expensive homes like our mountain destinations and larger homes in our beach destinations. It also allows us to offer more affordable options to some great destinations like Belize, New Orleans and Montreal. This translates to significant savings such that members have the potential for lengthier stays at the same destination.  

The new plans also allows members more options for “off” season stays at lower tiers. All in all, purchasing a plan now provides the advantage of exceptionally greater value to our members.  

When do the new tiered plans go into effect? On January 1, 2018, only the new tiered plans can be purchased. Any plan purchased previously will be honored under the terms of that plan. This means members can continue to use their 10- night or 20-night plans until all nights are used or they expire with the existing plan residences.  

What happens if I have an existing plan? Nothing changes for the existing plans and those purchased prior to January 1, 2018. You will still be able to use your nights at all the plan residences until they are gone or expired.  

Can I convert my old plan to the new one? Yes! We encourage you to convert. You will have 30 days from our plan introduction date of January 1, 2018, to switch to the new plan. Existing reservations will not be impacted. Unused nights will simply be multiplied by $700 to determine how much credit you have to purchase tiered nights. Please note that if you convert, all remaining plan nights must be converted at that time. For example, with 8 nights left in your plan, you must convert all 8 or none at all.  

Where is the detailed, day-by-day breakout of the tiered plan? The day by day breakout will be available in our reservation system upgrade targeted for a January 1, 2018 completion. You will have 30 days from this time to convert your existing plan.  

How do I book under the new plan? Booking under the new plan will be the same as the old plan except you will be spending your plan dollars on each night you book online. Your Guest Experience Manager will be available to assist and answer questions.  

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